Connect Socially

Hello! We're BrightSky ClearMind and we are a Social Enterprise that uses technology to provide the following:

1. Financial Guidance to consumers
2. Financial Education
3. Market Insight

Being a Social Enterprise means we have committed to use at least 50% of our profits - every year - to support the delivery of our social mission.

We say social mission we actually have two!

1. We want everyone in the UK to have a place to call 'home'

2. We want everyone to enjoy their retirement

In addition to using our profits to support our social mission we have also committed to do the following:

1. We'll keep things simple and won't use jargon - the World is complicated enough already

2. We'll be financially transparent - this means we'll tell you how much money we make and how much we pay our Executive team

3. We'll be socially responsible in everything we do

At the moment we're busy working on our website but if you have any questions whilst we sort it out please get in touch in any of the following ways.

Twitter: @BrightClearMind

Want to talk with us? Get in touch

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